Can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about Ororo Munroe. What a great problem to have.

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Baby Kise & Kasamatsu 

yasashiburi replied to your post “aurora-b replied to your post:So I just unfollowed a whole bunch of…”

/ giant hugs. you go girl. you do your thing <3

I also untracked every tag I was tracking. That was hard, let me tell you. But thanks, I appreciate it <3

Alternatively, people should all mass post theirs crushes so I can see who the cool kids I follow are already following (because as much as I would like to get to know the people who follow me I am not optimistic that people actually want to be known).

I’m glad you did that :)

Thank you. Me too. There are some people on this site I really admire who I also fundamentally disagree with and continuing to see them on my dash just for the sake of knowing I admire them was really causing me problems. Luckily (naturally) the admiration was not mutual so unfollowing was painless. Less so with some others, again, sorry.

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hello my name is edward kenway, and welcome to jackass 

So I just unfollowed a whole bunch of people. Sorry about that, even though I think almost all of them weren’t following me anymore anyway and therefore will never see it. It’s nothing personal, I just kind of want to approach tumblr the way I approach real life. I can’t blacklist content in real life, I just have to avoid it, so that’s the same thing that’s happening here.

That being said, this means I have some room to follow new people, so if you’re following me and you’d like a follow back, come on by and introduce yourself. I went through a lot of my followers because I like to follow back when someone seems cool but a lot of about pages were kind of light on actual info. So, yeah, come say hi. I’m not promising anything (especially if you’re under eighteen, sorry, not following any more minors) but why not.

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when u see people having fun and you want to join but ur just like


I relate to this so hard it’s upsetting me


Still, to think that such a fabled, erudite student would be gay…

i like how Tamaki’s just like “oh you’re gay? Hale yea lets do this what u like bro we got ‘em all”